Mission & Vision


The Nubian Foundation for Preserving a Cultural Heritage is committed to preserving, spreading awareness, and fostering appreciation of Nubian culture, arts, and history. We do this by preserving Nubian cultural artifacts digitally and physically; financially supporting Nubian artists, individuals, and organizations through donations, commissions, and grants; and making Nubian arts and culture accessible to diverse populations globally in myriad forms.


Nubian culture and art of the past and the present are understood and appreciated globally.

Core Values


  • We welcome anyone and everyone interested in joining us in our mission and vision.
  • We actively work towards widespread understanding of Nubian culture and access to Nubian art and artists.
  • We work with organizations, producers, and individuals to bring Nubian art and culture to them in a way that caters to their unique needs.
  • All Nubians are welcome contributors and valued members of the Nubian Foundation.


  • We believe that preserving culture is an integral part of celebrating humanity and diversity.
  • We commit to recording and collecting artifacts, information, and stories from the past.
  • We believe preservation of the past is equally as important as promoting continued creation and cultivation of Nubian art and culture.


  • We celebrate the present and future of Nubian arts and culture, while acknowledging and paying homage to past victories and struggles.